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Ed Wentz - Life On Smith Lake Real Estate Brokered by ERA Byars Realty

What’s Your Story? Are you looking for that weekend and Summer getaway or have you decided your forever home will be surrounded by water? When Gail and I started thinking of forever we knew our future was on the crystal clear waters of Smith Lake

Finding that perfect home - the one you both love and can afford can be a daunting task. For  many of my clients in the beginning it is a challenge. Sure, there are 200+ waterfront properties listed for sale on Smith Lake. Prices range from $150,000 to several million dollars. On the low end amenities are sparse and needed repairs or updating usually necessary. On the high end, you’re spending a lot of money, you probably have a good idea of what you want and can afford to have it. There are challenges with either end of the market.

As with any home purchase you should start with a budget, at least know your high end and make sure you’re qualified (with cash or pre approved mortgage). A lot of broken hearts are developed loving a home you can’t buy!

Select a Realtor ®️, a professional full time Smith Lake Realtor. Driving out to the lake once or twice a year doesn’t qualify. You’ll want someone that will work directly with you (not their buyer agent or assistant). An agent that answers their phone when you call, somebody who knows what it’s like to live on Smith Lake is most equipped.

What are your requirements logistically? If you’re still working, let’s talk about the drive you want. If you’re retired and that doesn’t matter there are many properties far from the main roads where peaceful solitude is plentiful. Frankly these properties cost a little less.

What will you do when you get here? Are you looking for a terrific view that may include a lot that is high off the water. Or your plans include many days on the dock sun bathing or in the water. You may want both and it’s available.

With 525+ miles of shoreline on Smith Lake the water depth varies from very shallow to very deep. Deep water is preferable due to the water level fluctuation from Summer into Winter.  Alabama Power Shoreline Management controls the water level throughout the year. At full pool in the Summer the water level is at 510’ above sea level. It will slowly draw down to 495’ above sea level. As the Winter and Spring rains come, the lake moves back up to 510’ by Summer.  You’ll want to be sure that you have water under your dock in the Winter when buying in the Summer.

Do you want to be where the action is or looking for low boat traffic. Maybe you want to be in a slough where floating and having a cold beverage with your friends wins the day? Close to the Marina for fuel or food? Remember there are restaurants coming in the future at every Marina.

If your Life on Smith Lake will be full time, you may want to look in Smith Lake communities with other full time residents. Do you prefer communities with restriction and covenants that protect your investment? Several options exist to suit your needs.

You may have many questions still. Contact me at Even if you’re just thinking about Smith Lake, I’ve got time for you. Your story is important and I can guide you through this journey!