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Ed Wentz - Life On Smith Lake Real Estate powered by ERA Byars Realty

What’s Your Story? Is work taking you to another city too far from beautiful Smith Lake? Or is it time to downsize and move near your children and grands. Whatever the reason, you want to get there. That’s where I can help.

If you’re reading this then you’ve got the first step right by looking to Ed Wentz and Life On Smith Lake Real Estate powered by ERA Byars Realty as a valuable resource to market your Smith Lake home.

We’ll start with a meeting to understand your situation - how soon you need to move, do you need proceeds from this home to get the next one. More important, you can find out why others like you selected Ed Wentz to market their Smith Lake properties. We’ll review the home, do a walkthrough and make some notes on features and benefits. I’ll have the market information with me to share and how the data relates to your situation and home. We may not set a firm listing price at this time, but will have enough information to agree on a tight range. We’ll go over the timetable as it relates to your move requirements and desires. Ideally it’s best that we allow some time before actual listing to get you and the property in the best shape to sell.

A typical schedule would look like this:

One Month before listing you need to start packing up anything you won’t need or use in the next 4 months. You’ve committed to move and this will help you with the eventual move. Better yet, your home will not be overloaded with furniture and personal items. It simply Shows Better! And you need to move these boxes and excess furniture offsite. Take all the photos of the family reunion down, wedding pictures, etc.  Your seller wants to see themselves living in the home, not you when they walk through. 

Talk with your neighbors about your intention to list the property. They may have friends or relatives that want to live close by.

Two Weeks before listing continue to clean and declutter the home. Remove personal items that aren’t part of your daily routine. Make sure furniture makes sense for the space. Buyers get turned off on a property when they have to figure out “what is the function of this room?” I will give you more detailed information and checklists on staging to provide you the very best look for prospective buyers and for outstanding professional photos of your home. The idea is you want this to look as much like a model home as possible.

One Week before listing and it’s time for my professional photographer to come in and shoot great pictures and aerial shots. The yard needs to be landscaped and neat. The interior should be clean, free of clutter and all light bulbs working for great light. We’ll compliment the light by opening up all the shades and shutters to let the natural light in.  We’ll schedule the photo shoot time depending on your location to the sunrise and sunset. This is a “Glamour Shot” for your home. We’ll take great pictures, but we do not Photoshop away any cosmetic issues. We want to give Buyers a true picture of the home, not fake photos. We’ll go over the Marketing Plan for the next few months and any last minute things we agree that needs to be done. We’ll establish a firm listing price, if not already done.

We’ll get your home listed in the coming week in both the Walker Area Association of Realtors MLS and the Greater Birmingham Area MLS. These are the two top market areas for Smith Lake and surrounding areas. As a Bonus,  ERA provides us exposure to 40+ additional websites and to foreign buyers in 32 countries around the Globe. Don’t forget to ask me about ERA’s Distinctive Homes program that can expose your home to an even greater group of luxury and vacation home buyers. Signs will go up, lock box installed and we’re off and running.

It is important that you live daily with a clean home during this time. Your home will be listed with a “24 hour notice to show” stipulation. Regardless, someone will call on the way to your home, or even from your driveway. It may be “the buyer”, yes “the buyer” for your home. You need to be prepared to clear out fast and let an agent show it. Every bed should be made each morning. Even if you don’t have a showing scheduled, you should assume someone is “coming today to buy my home.”

I’ll provide feedback to you on every showing. If we get a lot of showings and no offers, we’ll know we have the price wrong. In any market hot or cold, the sooner you sell, the higher the price you’re likely to get. It’s important that we are responsive to what the market tell us.

We have a saying: “If It’s Priced Right and Dressed Right, It’s Ready to Sell!”